Newcastle Cranes put safety first. We have developed our Company Safety Procedures to provide you with an absolute safe and reliable Crane Hire Service. When hiring our cranes you have the assurance of the following:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certified Company.
  • Our cranes comply to AS.2550.1 and AS.1418.5.
  • Newcastle cranes have current Workcover Certificate of Plant Registration.
  • Newcastle cranes are Crane Safe Certified every 12 months.
  • Newcastle cranes are x-rayed and mag particle tested by CCI Popes every 12 months.
  • Newcastle cranes carry Crane Industry Council Australia maintenance log books
  • Newcastle cranes lifting gear, chains, slings, shackles are inspected and tagged.

The cranes also carry standard safety and environmental items such as first aid kits, oil spill kits and fire extinguishers. For your safety at the work site we are happy to provide you with Lift Studies.

For our clients seeking crane hire this means:

  1. Careful evaluation of the work processes.
  2. Pre-project and post project reviews.
  3. Continual onsite audits and training during projects
  4. Ongoing training and continuing education of our workforce.
  5. Complying with all applicable Federal, State and Local Regulations.
  6. Providing the support, equipment and materials needed to do a job safely.